Chicago’s Donut Shops

When I was growing up in a mid-size Midwest town, donut shops were where the old men hung out and drank coffee all day.  After years of dwindling popularity, donuts (doughnuts?) have made a comeback in a big way.  At some of Chicago’s donut shops, you’ll find a line of hipsters out the door, but don’t let that deter you! These are some of my favorite Chicago donut shops.

The Doughnut Vault

Doughnut Vault started in a tiny hole in the wall (literally) and has grown to include a 2nd location and a food truck! Doughnut Vault is a classic Chicago donut shop, with a small assortment of classic flavors plus one daily special announced on social media every morning. Doughnut Vault is a small-batch operation, so keep an eye out for social posts indicating that they’ve run out of doughnuts for the day. There is usually a line on weekends, so grab a friend and a cup of coffee to wait it out. (Bonus: I always bring my dog along as the Vault is in walking distance of my house – the inside only holds a line of about 3 people, so it’s never been an issue as there isn’t indoor seating)

Doughnut Vault

Beaver’s Coffee + Donuts

Beaver’s Coffee + Donuts is located in the Chicago French Market and also has a food truck. Beaver’s starts with made-before-your eyes mini donuts and you choose from sugar toppings (free) or signature toppings like S’mores, Strawberry Bella or Nutella Dream, which are $1 extra. A $2 Mini order gets you 4 donuts, a $4 Small comes with 9, a Medium is $6 for 15 donuts and a Large is $14 for 35. Beaver’s also serves Metropolis coffee, water juice and milkshakes! As with all food trucks, follow them on social to see where they’ll be and when.

Chicago Donut Shop - Beaver's


Firecakes has two Chicago locations, in River North and Lincoln Park. Like the Doughnut Vault, they are open until they sell out, which means you know you’re getting fresh doughnuts. They have about a dozen flavors on offer, from the classic glazed doughnuts to Coconut Cream, Red Velvet and Apple Fritters. They are not too far from the Doughnut Vault, so you could technically hit up both and have a taste test!

Firecakes Doughnuts

Glazed And Infused

Glazed and Infused has five Chicago locations, including a walk-up window (dog-friendly!) in River North. Glazed already earns points for their cheeky name from my favorite movie, Dazed and Confused, but their raised sugar doughnut was my favorite of all the doughnuts I sampled to write this post. The simple, sweet taste took me back to the 80’s, when I didn’t know what a carb or a cavity was. While fancy doughnuts can be fun, it’s the simplicity of a sugar or glazed doughnut that really makes me smile. These doughnuts are quite large, though, so they don’t leave much room for sampling multiple flavors.

Glazed & Infused

Stan’s Donuts & Coffee

Stan’s Donuts is an LA transplant, now with 6 Chicago locations plus 1 in Oakbrook.  While researching this post, I stopped by their Mag Mile location, tucked in the corner of Labriola cafe.  Pasta and donuts…shut up and take my money! Stan’s Donuts are what I think of as class donut shop donuts.  Sure, you can get some fancy flavors like Toffee Cake or Buttercream Bismarck, but their glazed donut is exactly what a glazed donut should taste like! Perfectly fluffy and sweet, with a sticky glaze that leaves you wanting more!

Chicago Donut Shop - Stan's

Are you a donut fan?  Of all the Chicago donut shops, what is your favorite?


Chicago Donut Shops

This post was written for the 30 Places 30 Days Local Travel Challenge, to encourage local travel, of which I am a huge fan!  Check out the Honeybee Coffee Shop in Knoxville here!

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Chicago Detours Interior Architecture Tour

I recently joined Chicago Detours on a sunny Sunday for the Loop Interior Architecture Walking Tour. I have heard great things about Chicago Detours, so I was excited to see what they had to offer. I was especially interested to learn more about the mysterious Chicago pedway. The mission of Chicago Detours is to provide tour experiences that are fun, educational and connect us to the places we visit. If you are looking for an inside Chicago walking tour, this is a great option!

We met Alex, our tour guide, in the lobby of the Chase building. We had a large group of 20, comprised of Chicago-area locals and tourists from as far away as England. After a quick intro, we got a brief lesson on how to use the iPads that Alex was handing out. One of the things I loved about this tour was the use of multi-media technology.  Alex had about five iPads loaded up with photos and videos to augment his story-telling. The photo below shows how the building across the street has changed in the last 100 years.

This view from inside the Chase Building shows various periods of architecture, from the modern building on the left to one of the oldest buildings on the right, including the tiny Italian Village restaurant (hidden behind a tree) that resisted all development offers and remains the oldest Italian restaurant in Chicago.

We then walked outdoors to the Chicago Temple, also known as the church inside a skyscraper. This First United Methodist Church has an interesting history, and still draws a congregation from all over Chicago-land. There is also a Sky Chapel, which was donated by the Walgreen’s family, looming high above the city. (Free tours are offered six days a week, and I’ll be taking advantage of one sometime this summer!)

We then turned our gazes across the street to the famous Picasso sculpture, and watched a fun video with interviews showing the public reaction when the statue was unveiled in the late 1960’s. I hadn’t heard the story behind the commissioning of the statue – it’s very interesting and gives some insight as to what exactly this sculpture is supposed to be!

Next, we headed underground into the Pedway system. It’s quite extensive and really an under-explored part of the city. The pedway links into Block37, the newest retail addition to State Street.

We visited the famous Marshall Field’s (now Macy’s) department store on State Street, an iconic building that evokes the glamour days of retail. Alex gave us some really interesting history on the founding of Marshall Field’s, including Field’s employment of women, and introduction of the wedding registry. While the store itself is now Macy’s, you can still see hints of elegance, especially if you look up! (You can see where Marshall Field is buried at Graceland Cemetery)

The last stop on our tour is the Chicago Cultural Center, which completely blew me away!  This building was originally built in 1897 as Chicago’s first public library and is a masterpiece of marble, tile and stained glass.  Given the close proximity to the tourist corridor, I definitely recommend popping in here for a peek if you have a chance! The Center offers free tours every Wednesday, Thursday, Friday and Saturday at 1:15 pm.

Our tour ended at the Cultural Center, where we were left to wander on our own. From here, I headed across the street to Millennium Park to enjoy the sunshine and tulips.

I really enjoyed this Chicago Detours tour and definitely recommend it, especially if you are visiting on a colder day, as much of the tour takes place indoors. Chicago Detours offers public and private tours on a variety of subjects including historic bar tours and neighborhood tours. Check out their website to view the full variety of tours available!


Chicago Detours Architecture Tour

I would like to thank Chicago Detours for hosting me on this tour. These are solely my personal opinions/experiences and I was not financially compensated for this post.

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