2015 New Year’s Resolution – All about food!

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For 2015, I’m taking a different spin on the New Year’s resolution.  Instead of trying to lose 20 pounds, drink more water, work out more, etc, etc.  My resolution for 2015 is to try one new restaurant each week.  This doesn’t mean that any healthy intentions are thrown out the window, but why should the clock for those goals start on January 1?  Chicago has so many great restaurants, it’s a shame not to be out there sampling them!  Rather than spending $8 three times a week at Chipotle/Jimmy John’s/etc, why not spend that money on one good meal per week? This may actually be a healthy resolution as I try to reduce my eating and spending at fast food places, and focus on bringing my lunch to work more often.  We’ll see!

As soon as I landed, I headed to Puesto for fish tacos and cerveza!

So, here goes nothing….any recommendations are welcome….fancy to divey, anything goes!  Well…maybe not too fancy, as I also resolve to spend more money on travel this year.

  1. Freshii , Chicago
  2. Jubilee Juice , Chicago
  3. Venice Cafe, Chicago
  4. Nirvana, Vernon Hills
  5. Walker Brothers, Lincolnshire
  6. Harold’s Chicken – Chicago food truck
  7. Monday Night Dining Series at Kendall College, Chicago
  8. Fairmont Chicago for the Sweet Beginnings annual fundraiser.
  9. Robinson’s Ribs  ,Chicago
  10. M Burger Water Tower, Chicago
  11. San Francisco Fish Company , San Francisco
  12. 25Lusk.  San Francisco
  13. Tacolicious, San Francisco
  14. Eataly, Chicago
  15. Maialino, Gramercy Park Hotel, New York
  16. Maggiano’s, Vernon Hills
  17. Greek Islands, Chicago
  18. Coco Pazzo Cafe , Chicago
  19. St Giuseppe’s Pizza, East Moline
  20. Emeril’s Orlando.
  21. Pranzi, Chicago
  22. Naf Naf Grill, Mt Prospect
  23. Puesto, San Diego
  24. Little Piggies BBQ, Coronado
  25. Top of the Market, San Diego
  26. Rockin’ Baja Lobster, San Diego
  27. Pacific Fish Company, San Diego
  28. Big & Littles, Chicago
  29. Kingsbury Street Cafe, Chicago
  30. Barley and Rye Bistro, Moline
  31. Haymarket Pub & Brewery, Chicago
  32. Chen’s, Chicago
  33. Jerk Grill, Chicago
  34. Pegasus, Chicago
  35. Fire and Ice, Marengo
  36. La Tasca, Arlington Heights
  37. Flo, Chicago
  38. Seasons 52, Indianapolis
  39. First Watch, Indianapolis
  40. The Healthy Tomato, Friso, CO
  41. K’s Dairy Delite – Buena Vista, CO
  42. Stagecoach Sports Grill, Evergreen, CO
  43. Nacional 27, Chicago
  44. Tortoise Club, Chicago
  45. Devon Seafood Grill, Chicago
  46. Motel Bar, Chicago
  47. Xoco, Chicago
  48. Beaver Street Brewing, Flagstaff
  49. Zion Canyon Brew Pub, Springdale, UT
  50. The Egg and I, St. George, UT

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