Chicago Museum of Broadcast Communications

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My resolution for the New Year is to be a tourist in my hometown of Chicago and visit at least 1 museum each month.  For January, I picked an obscure museum that I’d read about somewhere, the Museum of Broadcast Communications.

The museum is conveniently located just off the river, near House of Blues.  Entry fee is $12, but there was a special running for $9 admission.  Turned out the card reader was a little slow, so they ended up letting me in for free.  Which was a good thing – the museum is kind of small, I’m not sure it’s worth $12 admission unless you’re really into 50’s television, or radio.

I started from the top floor and worked my way down. The 3rd floor is where all of the TV stuff is – starting with Bozo the Clown, which was a childhood favorite and WGN legend.

There was a fun area on advertising that showed how many iconic ads such as the Jolly Green Giant, SnapCracklePop, Mr Clean, Tony the Tiger, and Morris the Cat got their start.  Fun, and kitschy.

Then there was a theater running old clips of Johnny Carson’s last season, which was fun to sit and watch for a bit.

I moved on down to the 2nd floor, which was the Radio Hall of Fame.  The entire floor consisted of a framed photo and bio of anyone inducted.  For me, it wasn’t really all that interesting.

All in all, it was a quirky way to spend a few hours indoors on a cold January day.  With all of the great museums in Chicago, I can’t say I’d put this near the top of the list, but you don’t know until you go!

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One thought on “Chicago Museum of Broadcast Communications

  1. I love the idea of a Museum a Month challenge to yourself, and as someone who has worked in radio for many years I’m going to add this to my list the next time I’m in Chicago too.

    I remember going from learning how to cut physical tape with a razor blade and taping it together as a work experience kid, to having the old physical carts when I used to be in the newsroom to the shock of digital coming in.

    Hmmmmm… maybe I belong in that museum!

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