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The National Park Service celebrated its 100-year anniversary last year and has garnered a lot of attention recently as the Alt National Park Service sprang up in response to the recent Presidential administration. All politics aside, these parks are a legacy that we must cherish and preserve at all costs.

Me at Denali (with Tee's skinny legs)

The National Park system includes 417 areas covering more than 84 million acres in every state, the District of Columbia, American Samoa, Guam, Puerto Rico, and the Virgin Islands. These areas include national parks, monuments, battlefields, military parks, historical parks, historic sites, lakeshores, seashores, recreation areas, scenic rivers and trails, and the White House.

9/12 - Amy, Lisa, Olivia, Jenny and I

Some of my earliest travel memories include trips to National Parks such as Badlands, Yellowstone and Grand Teton.  Over the years, I’ve been fortunate to visit over half of the 58 National Parks, which I keep track of here.  I plan to add another half-dozen to my list this year!  These are some of my favorite National Parks photos.

Double Arch

Arches National Park

Big Bend National Park

1997 - Me, Dono, Donna at black Canyon

Black Canyon of the Gunnison National Park

9/12 - Jenny, me and Lisa at Bryce Canyon

Bryce Canyon National Park

Confluence of the Green and Colorado Rivers - This is the point on the river where we had to stop and put PFD's on

Canyonlands National Park

Everglades National Park

Glacier National Park

Sunday 9/6

Grand Canyon National Park

Leigh Lake!

Grand Teton National Park

Glaciers on the Resurrection Bay cruise

Kenai Fjords National Park

Mesa Verde National Park

Rocky Mountain National Park

3.2.09 - Trail brushing in Saguaro National Park - Thunderbird Trail

Saguaro National Park

Theodore Roosevelt National Park - North Dakota

Theodore Roosevelt National Park

West Thumb Geyser Basin (YNP)

Yellowstone National Park

Zion National Park

I have favorite National Park photos, but I could never choose a favorite National Park. Zion, Grand Canyon and Big Bend are pretty high up there, though! There are still so many more to explore!

Wondering how you can help our National Parks?

  • Visit!
    • Plan your trip at  Buy an annual pass for $80.  A great deal if you visit more than 3 parks in a year.
    • Have a 4th grader?  You can get a free pass through the Every Kid in a Park program.
    • Senior Citizens can get a reduced-fee lifetime pass
  • Volunteer!
  • Donate!
  • Vote and be heard!  Let your representatives know what is important to you.
  • Share this post!  🙂

Have you spent time in the US National Parks?  What was your favorite?


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40 thoughts on “US National Parks Photos

  1. Amazing photos – I’ve been to the Grand Canyon National park – would love to go to Bryce Canyon, Yellowstone and Yosemite next!
    Thanks for the tips. #theweeklypostcard

  2. We are from North East Tennessee and have enjoyed the Great Smoky Mountains National Park and the Blue Ridge Mountains my whole life, but I am SOOOO excited because in a little over 30 days we are going to go west for the first time ever!! Despite the LARGE AMOUNTS OF SNOW they have received, the plan is to see Yosemite and Sequoia and King’s Canyon NP while on an 18 day California Road Trip. So glad I found your blog! Looking forward to all it has to offer. I hope to embark on seeing many more NP’s in the upcoming years as I homeschool my three kids.

  3. I have been to a few national parks, but there are so many still on my list. Seeing all these pictures, makes me want to visit even more. Since I live in NYC, I really appreciate the beauty of nature even more. Thanks for sharing on #TheWeeklyPostcard!

    • You are right – sometimes I get frustrated that I can’t zip to another country for a weekend like in Europe, but the US does have a lot to offer!

    • Yellowstone in winter is still on my bucket list…I can’t deal with the crowds in regular season any more!

  4. The National Parks is such a fantastic institution and the range of places that they cover is incredible. Loved these photos I think Bryce Canyon and the Everglades would be on my list. #weeklypostcard

  5. Great photos! It’s fantastic that you’ve managed to see so many of our National Parks. We worry about the future of our parks, and the impacts of politics (as well as tourists who just don’t seem to care), too, so we love your list of ways to help the Parks! It really is as simple as visiting them to start, and it’s so important to vote and let our politicians know that you support the National Parks. Nice post – thanks for linking up on #TheWeeklyPostcard!

    • Great point – I may update my post to reflect this – it’s important to visit respectfully so that the parks remain for future generations!

  6. There are so many I still need to get to! I was lucky enough to live 20 minutes away from Glacier National Park for 3 years! So beautiful there!! Living in Germany, I haven’t heard the newest political scandal with the new terrible administration… what is he trying to do now? Thanks for linking up with #TheWeeklyPostcard!

  7. You have so many diverse landscapes in the States! really enjoyed your pics and learned about some parks I´ve never heard of before! thanks for sharing!

  8. I’d love to visit as many national parks in the USA as possible. I spent 5 nice summers in the States, and could visit some of the parks fortunately. I’m planning to go back on the summer of 2018 and 2019, Alaska is on my list! 🙂 And I hope on the another summer I can go to Dakotas and Wyoming.

    • Thanks! Yellowstone is pretty incredible – the diversity of features is surprising, too! Just beware of the crowds and plan way ahead if you want to stay in the park!

  9. I love this! Definitely inspired to visit all the parks! I got an annual pass for the first time this year and I’m excited to use it over the summer. I’ve been to quite a few the past couple of years and even more when I was a baby.

    • Badlands is so cool, but I’ve always just driven through on my way to the Black Hills. They deserve more time – would love to camp there!

  10. I love the National Parks out west! We drove out to visit several of these when I was growing up and the landscapes are just incredible. I would really love to revisit them as an adult.

    • Yosemite is still on my list. I may do a quick drive-through next year, but would love to go in the winter!

    • Thanks! You’d be surprised at what is included in the National Park System. I see you live in Chicago – search for my post on Pullman – it’s a cool historic neighborhood on the south side that is part of the National Park Service! There are some cool National Lakeshore spots within weekend distance as well – Indiana Dunes, Sleeping Bear Dunes, Pictured Rocks, etc.

  11. These national parks all look so beautiful. You’re so lucky to have visited so many national parks and that you got to go to Yellowstone when you were growing up. I’d love to go there!

    • Our parks are pretty amazing. And then there are the different seasons – they are all totally different in winter than summer, so I feel like even 1 visit isn’t enough!

  12. Great post! People are so quick to want to travel abroad they forget how much incredible and diverse landscape the US has! I am all about conservation so this post is perfect and timely!

    • So true! I spent nearly 10 years without a passport as I was exploring the US – there’s definitely enough here for a lifetime of adventures.

    • True, but the parks do get crowded – especially Arches and Yellowstone, from what I’ve seen. Arches is quite small and the road gets clogged with RV’s – best to try for the off-season!

    • Me too! Although there are a few in Alaska that are not easy to reach, but you never know…

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