Kayak Camping in Baja Mexico

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A kayak trip in Baja has been on my bucket list for quite a few years now.  So, when I decided to make it happen, I first turned to my favorite adventure outfitter, OARS.  Having used them on 4 previous trips, I always check their catalog first!  OARS is a whitewater company, but they also contract in other countries for various adventures like the Galapagos trip I took a few years back.

The trip is billed as the Quick Getaway by Mar Y Aventuras, and by OARS as Sea Kayaking Espiritu Santo Island.  The OARS package was more comprehensive and included a night before and after at Posada Luna Sol, the guesthouse associated with Mar Y Aventuras, as well as some additional meals.

Trip Orientation

The trip kicked off with an orientation and equipment fitting at the inn.  Due to high winds, we shuttled to a farther beach (Pichilingue) for a shorter boat ride to Espiritu Santo Island.  It was about an hour ride before we entered Candellero Bay, our home for the next 4 nights.

When I first heard there would be 17 guests on the trip, that sounded like a crowd, but it was a great group.  There were 3 of us solo ladies, 2 travel buddies, 2 families with 2 kids each, a father/son and one married couple.  Many people are wary of group travel, but I find that adventurous, rugged trips like this tend to weed out the high maintenance types, and you meet people who have some incredible travel tales.  I’m always adding to my bucket list after meeting these explorers!

Candellero Bay Camp

My tent

We all settled in to our cabins, enjoyed the first of many meals, and had a practice kayak run.

More cool rocks!

Each day had a nice rhythm, with what I thought was the perfect balance of activity and down-time.  If you are looking for a full-on adrenaline packed week, I’d suggest one of the circumnavigation trips rather than the base camp option I chose.  (Options vary by time of year)

Coffee was ready each morning at 6am, breakfast by 8:00.  The first morning activity (a kayak or snorkel outing) started around 9am.  We’d then return for lunch and a few leisurely hours before the afternoon activity around 3:00.  Upon our return, Happy Hour snacks and cocktails were served around 6pm, followed by a delicious dinner.

Happy Hour ceviche

Activities included a snorkel, hike or kayak outing, sometimes a combination of those.  We visited the sea lion colony twice, and were amazed at how friendly and playful the sea lions were!  A little too friendly for my taste – I kept my distance!

This trip was a great little getaway from work, winter and internet.  I found it to be the perfect combination of down-time and activity, although 1 more day would have been great!  I highly recommend this trip!

Trip Cost:

  • OARS cost: $1282 (includes single supplement for hotel and camping)
  • Airport Shuttle from Cabo: $47
  • Guide Tips: $100
  • Snorkel Rental:  $15 (wetsuit and sleeping bag rental also offered)

For all of my pictures from this trip, click here!

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Kayak Camp Baja

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17 thoughts on “Kayak Camping in Baja Mexico

  1. This looks like great fun, and a good combination of relaxing and being active. I spent a weekend down near Cabo once many years ago and found the coastline so beautiful and rugged, but didn’t do any kayaking. Those tents look great: waking up to the sound of the waves is such a special experience!

    • Thanks, I did! I am such a numbers nerd, I can’t help myself, but usually the first question I have when reading about a destination is “Can I afford it?”

    • They are seriously my favorite – I’m a “frequent floater” now and get an extra discount since I’ve done so many trips with them!

  2. Oh, this looks so fun!! I love those little cabins, too. I think group trips for an activity like this are actually ideal, as you might get too lonely going by yourself. And you still have your own little cabin to retreat to! I never knew something like this existed before, so if I’m ever planning a trip to Baja I will check it out!

  3. Love the mention about group trips and weeding out the high maintenance travellers. Looks like a fantastic experience! The sea lion looks adorable, but I would’ve kept my distance too!

  4. This sounds like a really fun trip! I like how you addressed your concerns about group travel but then met fantastic people; this has been my experience of groups I’ve joined in the past and the pros usually far outweigh cons. It sounded like you were treated to some great food too after all your activity, which is a huge bonus in my books!

  5. I took a trip with Mar Y Aventuras in Baja a few years ago. They do a great job; great food, very knowledgeable and friendly guides, I could go on and on. I would love to go again.

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